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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: HVAC Replacement

HVAC (Design) Status: Initiation

This project will replace the HVAC system in the school that is currently aged and requires replacement.

  • Progress through Q3: Coordinated assessment of the multi-stack system and scoped replacement of compressors with Operations & Maintenance.
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Compressors will be replaced in Q4. Also, a design will be initiated for the replacement of the multi-stack unit and VAV boxes for 2021.

Quarter 3 Report

Total system-wide funds spent on facility projects for Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School between July through September 2019: $86,500.

The system-wide money was used to update the sports fields.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates